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The Complete 1st Collection – in English

These 5 books complete the 1st collection of Horse Travel Books from 5000 Miles of Hope Press. Spanish versions are...

BIG POST- Part 5: Future Projects and Teaching

Part 5: FUTURE PROJECTS AND TEACHING Wherever and whenever I finish Trip #2, I look forward to teaching English and...

BIG POST- Part 4: Making my Dream Real

PART 4: MAKING THE DREAM REAL   To make this long forgotten dream of shooting and sharing come true I need to up...

PART 3- Reclaiming my dream

PART 3: RECLAIMING MY DREAM I'm setting up my next journey into being the ride of my life. An opportunity of a...

BIG POST- Part 2: Our Next Trip

PART 2: OUR NEXT TRIP Roxy and I are heading back on the road in May. We'll be heading north to Mexico where we will...

BIG POST- Part 1: My Time in Guatemala

Part 1: MY TIME IN GUATEMALA Before I set off on my next trip, I thought I share a bit about my backstory. This is a 5...


Your One Stop Guide to Growing Food in Small Spaces!!!
By Chris MacLuckie

* Monthly routines
* 100 plant by plant growing tips
* Learn how to make a worm composter
* Make the world’s smallest heated mobile backyard greenhouse. DIY instructions.
* Bonus section on homesteading.

SABESA saddle bags, creams and workshops

I went to drop off my saddle bags with my friend Otto at SABESA...He's a farrier, trimmer, leather worker and saddle...

Chasing Green Grass

Roxy is rocking it these days. We've been doing...

5000 Miles of Hope Store Launch -April 12, 2019.

In the last couple weeks it all came together for me. I realized the best way for me to ride AND write is to focus on...
Our dry season feed program

Our dry season feed program

https://youtu.be/ii9uR-F9Dfg This is what I feed Roxy now that we are in the dry season. Roxy 925lbs Per day: 1. 1/5th roughage bale ~10lbs 1/3 quality bale 42lb ~14lbs Fed over 4 meals 2. 3 of the 4 meals include feed: Each time 1lb Afrecho (wheat bran) 1lb Omelina...

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5001 training STARTS NOW!!!

5001 training STARTS NOW!!!

Stay tuned for our upcoming ride: 5001, a long ride for horse health. This is Day 1 of training!!! Our program for the next 3 months will include lots of hill walking (for me!) and 3 rides a week in the saddle. https://youtu.be/00KXaHSFRns   I accompanied my old...

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Thank You

Thank You

I want to thank everyone I came into contact with during the 5000 miles of hope solo horse ride from Canada to Guatemala. Even the people I wish I had never met. Because it's ALL the influences -good, bad, and crazy- that helped shape the outcome of our journey. How I...

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