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Let´s Ride!!!

Morgan Mares !!!

This is when I get to brag about my horse. A purebred registered MORGAN mare. NOT a mustang... A tough as nails, easy keeping, hard hooved, forward going horse from SHOW lines. A horse whose ancestry shone thru the recent breedings. A horse that screamed: MORGAN TOUGH...

Chiapas and the Guatemalan border

As we went upwards out of the coastal lowlands we found cooler weather. The countryside was nice but it was still rather scarce horse wise. I had a fun few days out of the heat.       We made it to Tuxtla where we planned to rest up for a week while waiting for new...

2nd half of Puebla and Oaxaca

We rode south from Tecamachalco, halfway down Puebla, saying goodbye to my friends from that town. The terrain was flat and the roads wide, until Tehuacan. Afterwards, the high plains ended, and the narrow canyons began as I entered Oaxaca. The north part of Oaxaca to...

Preparing to Enter Guatemala

We are getting close to the Guatemalan border!!! I've been really loving Mexico. It's a wonderful, friendly country full of great people, scenery and food. But I'm also excited to cross into the country I called home for a while, all those years ago. It will be a...

Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, and 1/2 of Puebla

I'm writing this post while in the middle of Puebla. I'm surrounded by 3 volcanoes and all around me is the vast agricultural altiplano. I made it here today since arriving into Hidalgo a few weeks ago. The day I entered Hidalgo, I stayed at the famous hot springs of...

San Luis Potosi and Queretaro

Once I crossed from Doctor Arroyo towards Matehuala I was now in San Luis Potosi. I travelled thru this state for 2 weeks before entering Queretaro. I travelled in Queretaro for another 2 weeks before entering Hidalgo at El Geiser. We rode 340 miles in in 25 days. 18...


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