Before the trip began I wrote that it will be successful because of the help I get from strangers along the way. And it’s been true.

Throughout our journey so far, 850 miles from Ontario to West Virginia, we’ve been getting support and assistance every day.

I’d like to spend a minute of your time to thank all the people who I’ve met and especially the hosts who have taken Roxy and I in every night. Here are some pictures from our stays along the way.

As it’s just Roxy and I, we don’t have the capacity to take alot of food and feed. In other words we don’t camp out; I need a safe place every night where I can feed and water my horse, as well as sleep. Of course I have my hammock and enough food for myself. Yet the astounding generosity of strangers reveals itself to us daily. Sometimes I get invited in to eat with my hosts, share stories, as well as sleep in a warm bed.

Thank you hosts, each and every one. This trip is truly a day to day collaboration and you have proved it. You are the sponsors to this trip. Thank you Les and Linda, Sue, Anna and Stuart, Levi the Mennonite, Gaitien, Linda and Lee, Tyler and Steadholm Farms, Gayda and Stan, Coral and Eric, Kim, Cecil, Cindy, Jim and Nancy, Laurel and John, Betsy and Don, June and Joe, Michelle on Hwy 3 ( I need your email!), John the Amish, Suzie, Jessica and Brian, Valentin, Jeremy, Chacea and Don, Paul and Linda, Audra, Nikki, Veronica and Dan, Jessica and Todd, Dave and all the zoo, Heide and Tim , Jackie and Katie, April, Sharon and Mike, Cowanesque Riding Club, Morgan and Lori, Alan, Mike, Terad and Therese, Reuben, Erin and Aliyah, Rachel and Steve , Lucas and Sarah, Pam and Dr. Wise, Melisa and Randy, Connie, Rock and Rene, Ashley, Kirk, Jaime, Thomas and Rick, Gene and Amy (and Jenny!), Chad and Sarah, Billy, Adam and Isaac!

In exchange for the hospitality, I have emailed each host a PDF version of my 260 page Edible Gardening Book. The PDF file I send out is the exact same as the one on amazon.

I hope you all enjoy the book, it can be printed out and coilbound. May your gardens be bountiful next year and every year. For those of you who enjoy growing your own food, this book is packed full of useful tips for growing in small spaces.

I wrote it based on my 15 years growing food commercially, with no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. The guidebook goes for $20 US on Amazon, but if you go to my book site, you can download the same PDF version I sent all of our hosts for $10 US. To get the PDF file for $5 US simply fill out the short survey. Book reviews can be seen and submitted here as well.

Because of the amount of people I’m meeting in real life and on social media every day, we have been given a sponsorship from Easyboot! We are also working on a new saddle sponsorship, which I will share with you shortly. I will get the links up on my site and the FB page soon. To all of the hosts so far, what do you think of those easy boot gloves? Would you try a set?

As I write this, we have made our way into West Virginia. As we head down the road and veer southwest we hope to continue meeting great people along the way. I hope to meet YOU along the road. And don’t forget, you can come ride, walk or run a mile with us.

I also want to spend a moment to thank all the people who have shared our info on social media with their friends, as well as the people who have directed me along the way. You guys have been great, and it makes it easier for us to go out and do our daily trek. Happy Trails and Thank you.

I wish I had more pics of my hosts, but unfortunately, after my riding for the day is over, I like to decompress and relax. Taking selfies and such is work for me, it doesn’t come naturally. For the future, I will try to remember to take more pictures after the day is over of the stuff we do when we are at peoples homes.