The Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser thru America


Americans were far more generous to me than expected. And far less interested in the Maya Pedal project than expected.

Everyone wanted to know about my trip and my horse, etc. The horse people of America showed their extreme generosity by embracing another horse person, again, again and again. Thanks to all of you!!!

Unfortunately, lots of people tuned out as soon as I said where I’m going, and why.

“You’re going to MEXICO!???…”

End of interest.

“This guy has absolutely lost his mind. How can I take him seriously? And he’s talking about bike machines…”

I had conversations with hundreds of people about this form of sustainable technology. Most of those conversations didn’t progress further than me explaining the machines. It just wasn’t something people wanted to think about.

It goes to show that pedal powered machinery is not a popular or trendy aspect of North American culture.

By most, it is a seen as a concept. Or, something not to be embraced, as if it is, it would mean an attack on the status quo lifestyle. This is a topic I could get into further, and I will, in my book. For now I will say that I spent way too many hours in the saddle wondering why people like to be so wasteful.

Some people got the point of my trip, and really got engaged with me about the fundraiser. They thought it was very selfless, and so they made a donation. Some of these people were familiar with what it is really like in very poor countries. For those of you that don’t, I hope my photos and videos from the next parts of my trip will enlighten you.

For some parts of the trip, I just focussed on our well being. If I felt my hosts weren’t going to be receptive to the pedal power thing, I either talked about it briefly or not at all.

I reviewed my approach during the first part of the trip and have decided to go about it a little differently in Mexico. At times we are going to give little mini Maya Pedal presentations to select audiences. We will present the flyer and brochure as well as show some short videos online. Then we will talk about the farming lifestyle and if pedal power would be something that would apply to it.

We will of course do this even more intensely once in Guatemala, as this is where Maya Pedal makes and sells their machines. This change in approach is reflects the more subsistence lifestyle that I will encounter the further south I travel.

Here are the links to the fundraiser and to Maya Pedal

The Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser thru America

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