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The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook                                                 

Your One Stop Guide to Growing Food in Small Spaces

Chris MacLuckie

The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook

The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook, available on CreateSpace or Amazon

This book is an easy to read template of the fundamentals. It takes you step by step thru the entire growing process from seeding to harvesting, from designing to fixing, from making compost to saving seeds.


Here are some reviews:

“It is packed full of incredibly useful information and advice without being overwhelming or pretentious. It’s very user friendly and detailed for any level of gardening experience. I really like the way in which the information on each crop is laid out. Very digestible and easy to navigate. I really enjoyed the month by month breakdown of garden work. PS. I LOVE the Farmers’ special tips at the bottom of each plant listing”.

Leah Hollingsworth

Toronto, ON


“We are what we eat! This book is filled with sound advice and tips to get you started on building, planting, growing and harvesting a sustainable healthy garden plot, no matter how big or small your space is. It’s a must read for anyone who loves to grow.”

Bil Smith, Executive Director, C.R. Centre, Renfrew County.

Killaloe, ON

5000 Miles of Hope

Having this book will help you:

  • If you want detailed plant by plant growing charts
  • If you want to know what to do each month of the year
  • If you want to know what to plant in different sized gardens
  • If you want to make and use compost and other natural resources
  • If you want to create and tend a sustainable organic garden
  • If you are a beginner or an experienced gardener.

There are 7 chapters and 10 appendices in the book, as well as chapter review questions. The book is 264 pages long, but it’s an easy 264 pages if you know what I mean.

This is the 2nd edition of the book. The 1st edition was written in the spring of 2010 for an Urban Edible Gardening Course at Humber College. It was written to be read aloud on site at the demo garden. For the 2nd edition I took the basic concepts and protocols and made them more cohesive, comprehensive and easy to follow.  The current format of the book continues to be in the course book tradition.


Sales from this book will help me gather material for the upcoming 3rd edition as well as help fund our 5000 mile horse ride fundraiser from Canada to Guatemala.


Chris MacLuckie
Rockingham, ON.

Happy Gardening!

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Order the book here:




www.amazon.com .ca .eu  search “Edible Gardening”

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