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We LOVE Our Myler Combination Bit

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I really like my combo bit from Myler.

After talking with Dale Myler in July 2017, I made the plunge and bought the best. Although it looks complicated and harsh, it’s actually very easy on Roxy.

Before our trip,  all the Roxs wanted to do was RUN… Bitless was out of the question, snaffle didn’t work, and curb annoyed her. The beauty about the Myler Combo Bit, is that it acts a little like all of the 3 above, at the same time…

The videos and articles below give a thorough explanation of why this bit is good for green or broke horses, as well as how it can be adjusted depending on the horse and or discipline…

Made in USA, this is a top quality product that can be custom made for your horse.

And it looks nice as well…



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Noseband, chinband, double jointed mouthpiece. Tension adjustable. 3 rings to place reins. Snaffle, slight curb, full curb.
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Travelling thru a forest in Kentucky, USA. December 2017.
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Flecha Roja and Roxy, with Fernando and Chris. Orthoflex x 2 and Myler x 2. WHAT!?!?!?! San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala. October 2018


Myler Combination Bit Series, Part 1 of 4
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Combermere Farmers Market, trialing the new bit. July 2017.
We LOVE Our Myler Combination Bit

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