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WEEK 12 | Mexico a Caballo

“Adventure is a path. Real adventure, self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world” – Mark Jenkins

WEEK 12 | Mexico a Caballo

Catemaco to Lerdo de Tejado, Veracruz | 71 kms

3 days riding | VERY Dangerous roads







So we stayed at a pretty cool ecoresort in Catemaco called Rancho Turístico Xococapan
It’s run by Luis Gracia. He’s got a lot of horses and does natural horsemanship. I learned about natural horsemanship and gave a presentation.
I stayed there for 2 days and relaxed pretty hard.


Luis desensitizing a colt
Explaining hoof boots


Then we made our way towards Veracruz.

The roads got super dangerous and one day I think Roxy’s tail got hit by an upcoming truck who passed another oncoming truck and didn’t yield for us. I heard a noise but Roxy was in no pain, so maybe it was just wind.

The oncoming passing thing happened a lot this week and really pissed me off.

Once I leave Veracruz and head to the mountains, I’m going to start taking back roads as much as possible. For now I chose the fastest and most crime free routes north from Tuxtla, as I wanted to get out of the heat as quickly as I could. Once I get up higher, in better riding temperatures, I’m not in any rush so to speak of.

Little rolling hills – Super dangrous roads
Walking along a sidewalk
A rare back road
Beeloning thru San Andres
Drive thru coffee.


I made it Lerdo de Tejado where I met up with Xochiilt, who invited me over a couple months ago. She runs an Equine therapy center.

Happy all around
Xochiilt, Roxy and me


You can read all about it here:



I rested up Roxy and went back by trailer to a horse parade in a nearby town. The horse parade was cool. The trailering was an absolute nightmare. Basically my experiences from that day has made me ever want to put my horse in a trailer ever again in Mexico. Basically my first misadventure involved a truck and trailer that didn’t have matching hardware or linked brakes. So yeah, the trailer came loose from the truck and almost tipped over. The second trailering was the return trip where I literally sat on a horse inside a big truck full of 10 horses. I liked the group ride, but not the drunken and irresponsible trailering, at all.


Santiago horse parade
800 riders
Nice people
After the rain


The hosts were friendly in Week 12, but the drivers were NOT! The weather cooled down a bit and I could just count my stars that Roxy didn’t die 2 different times…


WEEK 12 | Mexico a Caballo

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