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WEEK 13 | Mexico a Caballo

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“The thing with heat is, no matter how cold you are, no matter how much you need warmth, it always, eventually, becomes too much.”
Victoria Aveyard

WEEK 13 | Mexico a Caballo

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110kms. 4 days riding. STUPID hot.

During WEEK 13 we made it to the Caribbean Ocean. It was beautiful but incredibly hot.


The week started off with some final interviews with the great people at CI Monta y Equinoterapia Lerdo de Tejado. And a horse travel presentation that saw a few people show up, but not as many as expected. Highlights were again discussion on feeding and hoof care.


I made my way to La Guada on the outskirts of Veracruz over 4 days of extreme heat. I rode along the Caribbean Ocean. I got heat stroke. I broke down…

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Heading to Veracruz…
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What is this moving water?


Approaching Critical Heatdown
Only basic systems functioning.
Minimal ability to think straight.
Taking care of Roxy my only thoughts, no time or energy for anything else, including good pictures and posts.

I’m making jokes but it’s kind of that bad.


We made it to just outside Veracruz, to get rest up before heading to the mountains, and to do lots of media and presentations. That is why I came here. Just to be clear.

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Alvarado Town Square
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Near the beach.
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Everyone loves Roxy.


On another note, I have made the decision to no longer go in trailers in Mexico during or before or after cabalgatas. Also, no more cabalgatas (group rides) unless I have a place lined up and my horse goes there immediately after the ride, and not with a trailer.

Here is my official statement on the issue:

“As I travel by horse I encounter all kinds of danger and potential pitfalls. I continue to travel successfully because I minimize risks wherever possible.

Roxy and I are in the horse TRAVEL business. We ride far distances 21 days if the month. I can’t afford to be careless with her, nor can I afford to see her taken out because of the actions of other people, people who don’t hold the same regard for her that I do.

In keeping in line with this approach I have made the decision to no longer accept any trailer rides, nor will I be attending or partaking in any more group rides / cabalgatas.

I gladly look forward to continue meeting horse lovers who put their horse first, and who fully understand and appreciate the dedication it takes to maintain them well.”

WEEK 13 ended in bittersweet victory. I got to hang out with a really cool person, Marily, and learn about her Equine Assisted Therapies. Here’s an interview with her from August 3rd.


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With Marily and friend in La Guada.
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Therapy donkey.
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Roxy on pure pasture.
WEEK 13 | Mexico a Caballo

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