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WEEK 14 | Mexico a Caballo

“He was swimming in a sea of other people’s expectations. Men had drowned in seas like that.”
Robert Jordan

WEEK 14 | Mexico a Caballo

No riding

Week 14 continued with my rest in La Guada, outside of Puerto Veracruz.


I was getting ready for a week of media and presentations that in the end, underwhelmed, big time. I had spent weeks riding in heat and traffic to arrive for these events and then whole week was just incredibly poorly organized.

This is the 2nd big city experience this trip that has been pretty lame.

A couple other city experiences have been blah as well. I learned the hard way that – for me at least- horse travel and cities don’t mix. A common thread to these experiences is that I have stayed at ranches where the owner doesn’t live, and or I’ve stayed elsewhere to my horse.
I’m going to write about all this at length in another post: Mistakes and Lessons.

It was a stressful and disappointing week. Even though I was featured on TV and the Radio, it didn’t really do anything to bring donations to the cause. I got a bunch of likes on Facebook though. I think it means a lot more to others than me….

On TeleVer
My host asking about our Prime Minister after the interview
Platicando con Carlos MarTV

Anyway Roxy rested up. Which is a huge plus. My routine for long rests is every 6 to 8 weeks, up to one week rest.

Day 97
Lots of rest.

I wasn’t in the mood for pictures and or videos. Frankly I was just waiting for my gear to arrive from Tuxtla so I could repack with the cold weather gear then make my way into the mountains.

On Saturday I left the ranch and started towards the cool lands.

Let’s go!

Week 14 meant that I was almost out of the heat, finally.

WEEK 14 | Mexico a Caballo

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