WEEK 16 | 5001: Mexico a Caballo

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”   Bruce Lee


WEEK 16 | 5001: Mexico a Caballo

Huatusco to Guadelupe Victoria, Puebla. 4 days riding. 85 kms | Pure mountains!

WEEK 16 was by far the best week of 5001 : Mexico a Caballo


Week 16 started off at Las Cañadas del Bosque just outside of Huatusco Veracruz.

I went into town 2 times to get my Easyboots hoof boots resoled, for until I get a new set in a month. I also had my Hennessy Hammock repaired for a little tear that happened in the bottom.

Easyboot Original Retread.


I stayed 3 days at the amazing agroecological farm and learning center and had a great time learning from the members and apprentices.

Here is a link to an interview with founder Ricardo Romero.



I then made my way thru remote mountains to the Mexican Altiplano in Puebla.

It was a 4 day journey that will never be forgotten.

Each day was about 20km but featured incredible elevation gain and drops. I went from 1250 metres to 2950 metres in 3 days, then back to 2340 metres upon arrival in Guadelupe Victoria.

Work donkey.
Walking down a steep hill, border of Puebla and Veracruz.
Mountain scenery.
Town hall photos.
Cold before bed.
Sweet camp setup.
Sunrise, Pico de Orizaba.
Living the High Life.

The journey was on a small highway, one section unpaved, very little traffic. The kind of riding I really love. Beautiful views, nice people, off the beaten track.

The weather got downright cool and I loved it!!!

To find places to stay in these areas, you look for the largest towns and go to the Muni or the Police. Then they set you up…You have to have faith in yourself that people will help out. Not everyone will, but the right people will. Check out my audio on faith above.

I didn’t take enough pictures in town, but here are some of the best from the week. If you ever get to this part of México I highly recommend the visit.

Mountain man.
Mountain clothes.
Scenes to die for.
Waiting out the rain.
Pasture before night tie out.
Heading out in the morning.
Herbicides on the side of the road.
With the President and the Teacher, Francisco Madero.
With Tio Abuelo, after a great stay at 2630 metres.
High point of both long rides. 2945 metres. Just east of Guadelupe Victoria, Puebla.


I’d like to thank all my hosts from this week and the kind people I met all along the way.

Week 16 : Mexico a Caballo was the reason I do this…PERFECT.

WEEK 16 | 5001: Mexico a Caballo

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