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WEEK 17 | Mexico a Caballo

“If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.”
Mahatma Gandhi


Guadelupe Victoria, Puebla to Apizaco, Tlaxcala | 3 days riding | 105 km



I hung out in Guadelupe Victoria, then made my way towards Tlaxcala, via some salt flats! It was a weird day riding thru some kind of salt bog, but we made it to Carmen, then after a couple hours, found our place to stay. It was quite the night.

Leaving Guadelupe Victoria. Saying goodbye to Arturo and Pica de Orizaba.
The edge of the salt bog.
Daily pit stop.
Catholic procession as I entered Carmen.

Then we made it towards Huamantla, to visit with friends from last year. My cold came back so I laid low, but also, I gave presentations at a local school.

If you thought Hotel California was scary, wait til you try AUTOHotel California…
Beautiful, peaceful Tlaxcala.
Where’s Waldo?
With the directors of Juan de Aquino School in Huamantla.
Horse Travel Presentation- in English!
Extensive hat and saddle collection at the Vargas ranch.
Saying goodbye to Gustavo Vargas.
On the road again.

Then it was off to visit my friends in Apizaco, where I had stayed last year as well. I rested up one day and my cold almost left.

With Jessica Mata.
Just hanging out…

It was nice visiting Gustavo and family in Huamantla and Jessica and family in Apizaco, it felt like being home after a long time away.

Check out the link to Jessica’s Clothing Business here. She designs and makes clothing for Escaramuzas, Charros and Mariachis.


WEEK 17 featured cool weather and the terrain was flat for the most part.

WEEK 17 | Mexico a Caballo

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