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“But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint”.

Edmund Burke

WEEK 22 | Mexico a Caballo


El Milagro, Queretaro to San Juan del Río |3 days riding/ walking, 43 kms.

DÍA 154 | UNAM, Reproducción Equina, Santillan, Mexico.

Posted by 5000 Miles of Hope on Saturday, October 12, 2019


Week 22 was focused on fixing mistakes and moving on.

The inflammation in Roxy’s shoulder that began at the end of last week, subsided as I gave her medicine and time off. But when I started to walk/ ride her again, it came back.

I started the week resting in El Milagro, and after a days rest, I walked Roxy to a nearby ranch. The next day I took a trailer ride to just outside of Tequis, a town where I wanted to look for work teaching English.

Approaching Tequis the first time.

Peacocks and cobblestones.

I stayed there overnight, then walked Roxy 5 kms to Santillan, when UNAM and the University Equine Reproduction Center is located.



Reproduccion Equino.

They also have an Andaluz Donley stud. Oh yeah. So of course I visited there, because I really want a mule down the road. You can check out my profile and interview with the director of the center here shortly.

Checking out a mare.

Andaluz donkey and director Maricruz Diaz.

Good donkey to cross with Roxy?

100% Andaluz.

I left the next day and walked into Tequis, 14 kms away I rode a little bit, but Roxy showed a tiny bit of limping.

Leaving a cool place.

While in Tequis, on a day off, I applied to lots of schools online. Tequis is a super touristy town, but it’s pretty empty during the week.

Town square.

Well preserved buildings.

Breakfast of champions.

I finished the week by riding and walking Roxy to San Juan del Rio, 24kms away, where I stayed the weekend and applied to more schools.

Leaving Tequis.

Lots of trains in these parts.

Water tower.

Old Datsun.

To make a positive take on the week, I guess if you’re going to have to have down time through injury, it might as well be when you’ve got other stuff to do…

Good friends at UNAM.