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WEEK 7 | Mexico a Caballo

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“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign” – Robert Louis Stevenson


WEEK 7 | México a Caballo

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Tuxtla to Jiquipilas | 78km | 4 days riding.


DÍA 51 | Con Miguel Cali y Major




Week 7 was terrible, a week heavy in disappointments and endless waiting.

But in ended up great! It turned around with a little help from my friends from close and afar. I closed out the week visiting with some good friends from last year’s journey south!

The issue I’m having is that 2/3rd of my 6 months worth of Easycare hoofboots and Mad Barn supplements are currently being held by a Mexican “shipper”. I’m not going to get into details until the situation is resolved, but currently I’m still trying to negotiate. It has been almost 2 weeks now of trying to get the stuff from this person. More details upcoming.

The week started on Tuxtla where I was waiting for the boots. They never arrived, so I left on Tuesday to start heading towards Veracruz. I stayed 2 nights at a cool rach outside of Berriziobal, then started retracing my route form my first journey. 4 of the 8 hoofboots arrived on Wed, but 2 different models and 2 different sizes. Yeah….

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Punchbuggy red.
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with horse trainer Pedro.
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Ranch views.
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On the toll highway.
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Water tanks every 5km.
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Under the bridge.
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Back roads.
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Punchbuggy black.
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New barn.
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Saddling up.


I carried on and saw my old friends from Jiquipilas! Miguel, Luis and Lucy. It was an awesome little stay.  Pedro and Gerardo helped out lots ear;ier in the week. Thanks guys!

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WEEK 7 | Mexico a Caballo

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