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What I need to make this crazy dream a reality

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With 3 months to go, I’m looking at my LONG list of things to do and get and I’m ticking them off one by one.

Here’s what I need to make this dream of mine a reality.


1. iPhone 6 or SE- unlocked, 64G. Doesn’t need to be new.

2. Truck and trailer to drive me and horses across the border between Ontario and New York, mid to late September.

3. Stopping points at farms/ ranches/ homesteads/ WWOOF hosts along the route.

Here’s the route. From just west of the Ottawa Valley south to US border, along east side of Lake Ontario, down the west side of Finger Lakes, into Pennsylvania, then West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, then south across into Mexico. Mexico along the Madre Orientales, east of Mexico City, then into Oaxaca and Chiapas. Then south across into Guatemala. With a tour around various parts of that country.

4. Advice and counsel on horse travel, health, and nutrition, as well as lightweight camping.

5. Bug protection tips for the animals. Currently I use a fly net on the browband while riding, and a mix of vicks vaporub and pine tar applied at various spots on the body every couple of days.

6. Radio, TV interviews.

7. Publishing and production contacts.

8. Freelance photographers and filmmakers.

9. Research collaborators.

10. Your support: Please like and share our social media platforms.

11. Donations to my trip. I need my savings plus a few thousand more to make this trip a reality. Please consider making a donation on my pay pal link. OR, Buy some of my extra gear and belongings. OR, buy a copy of my edible gardening book. If you don’t garden, maybe your mother or mother in law does?…he he…

12. Donations to the maya pedal horse ride fundraiser on the gofundme page.




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What I need to make this crazy dream a reality

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